This is ESPERANZA, the new collection of designer jewelry presented by the palm firm Lepa Punca

▫️ The new collection of this jewelry firm is an ode to hope after the natural disaster on La Palma

▫️The Lepa Punca jewelry firm from La Palma, With the support of the Isla Bonita Moda program, it has just launched the 'Esperanza' collection, which looks to the future with optimism and positivity after the situation experienced in La Palma due to the eruption of the Tajogaite volcano. Get to know the pieces and values ​​of this forward-looking proposal up close.

▫️"This new proposal, whose presentation took place at the García de Diego Art Gallery (La Palma) with the support of the Isla Bonita Moda institutional program -and the collaboration of Bodegas Tamanca-, is inspired by the need to look forward without forgetting what has changed our lives, but also understanding that we must continue with more strength if possible" explains the brand's creative director. The collection, made up of four pieces -two earrings and two necklaces that you can see in the images of this article-, is made of recycled silver, oxide patina (in its dark version) and orange zircons reminiscent of the heart of our land. Through the lattice technique, silver takes shape, rises and is sculpted in a natural way, thereby trying to transgress fashion lines and meet art with sculpture. These forms were developed little by little, with patience and with the understanding that now was the time for them to see the light.

▫️In black and white -as in the main image above- or with light that these small sculptures reveal, these are the snapshots where the jewels of this proposal by Melisa Rodríguez are presented, carried by the model Sara Sanchez. "Visually, by the hand of Emilio Barrionuevo and through his photos, the jewels have just been staged as contemporary pieces with character, framing themselves in that dark light that seeks to remind us of our essence, the earth and the light of what can come " says the designer. -to-hope-after-the-natural-disaster-in-la-palma