Lepa punca, handmade jewelery with environmental awareness

▫️Lepa Punca belonging to Isla Bonita Moda, reflects the concern of creating, not settling for not finding what the head of its creator drew and wanted, the will to unite design, conviction and responsibility; all this comes together to give birth to a strong project, for strong people who appreciate what sometimes seems to be lost, the lasting, the craft, the environmental awareness.

▫️Love for architecture and culture , the textures, the asymmetry and the contrasts form the character of its designer and therefore that of all the pieces of Lepa Punca. Pieces designed for a cosmopolitan world that continues to value “handmade”, differentiation, tradition and social awareness.

▫️Fashion for Lepa Punca is transmitted through each of its pieces. Fashion understood as a unique personality that flees from trends, fashion understood as an added value that lasts forever, fashion as a vision of empowerment and personality that transgresses the mainstream seeking what is special, unique, responsible and lasting. .

▫️From the island of La Palma in particular and from the Canary Islands in general, each piece has the paradise of a wonderful, eruptive and leafy land as its denomination of origin.
A land where craftsmanship takes more meaning, where a specific personality is imprinted on each elaboration and from where the coexistence between fashion, the sea and the volcano is shown to the world in all its splendor.

Link: https:// edicionessibila.com/lepa-punca-joyas-artesanales-con-conciencia-medioambiental/