Renewed or die...

At Lepa punca we are very happy to be able to say out loud that: we have new packaging!

Changing something about the image, the experience or a product is always something delicate, something that generates doubts and also a lot of emotion.

We knew that the time had come to renew ourselves, to go a little further and take a leap in quality in terms of the presentation of our jewelry.

Without giving up our colors or craftsmanship, and of course, without giving up the principle of recyclability that we always want our products to have, we welcome our recycled paper boxes, our new cotton bags and our wonderful shopping bags.

For us it is important that every last detail of Lepa Punca becomes part of you, that's why we leave you an idea of ​​what to do with our shopping bag (it couldn't be more ideal).

Do you like our new packaging?